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never distracted by the froth and glitz

Alison Dillon and Victoria Morrall really understand what PR and especially wine PR is all about.

Coming from the industry, they focus on what gains press coverage and generates “word of mouth” brand recognition to build a wine’s reputation and credentials. They achieve this through their extensive network of contacts and sheer hard graft, and are never distracted by the froth and glitz which often surrounds the wine world and seduces less aware PR professionals.

Tenuta di Biserno has been delighted with their work on our behalf.

Peter Ferguson

Tenuta di Biserno (lodovico Antinori)

The results are in! 85% say they will attend tastings!

Following a month-long survey by leading wine PR agencies and generic bodies on the future of wine tastings, results show a clear preference for attending such events. This is excellent news for an industry whose lifeblood relies on the sampling and coming together to exchange ideas on wine. This good news is however tempered by…

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The future of wine tastings? Take the survey!

A UK industry-wide collaboration of specialist wine PR companies, generic bodies and wine logistics companies is working on an initiative to produce a comprehensive set of guidelines on organising safe Covid-19 aware trade and press tastings.  The aim is that these guidelines will reassure all stakeholders that as an industry we have carefully considered all aspects of…

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